Tuesday, 1 October 2013

When Free Help Becomes Costly

I know the subject of the post sounds contradicting, it is nevertheless true. When you know the help is for good cause, are willing to help and are capable of helping, thus offering it voluntarily without expecting any form of reward in return, you will still end up paying the price for "helping others". You may lose the race as a result when you stop and pick up the one on the ground, you may put your career development in jeopardy when you choose to help defend your needy colleagues who are in trouble, you may sacrifice your time and concentration to do and achieve more when you reach out to the ones who are in uncertainty and misery. Many judge what you should do and what you should not. Many also comment in hindsight what you should have done and what you should have not. Maybe they are right, maybe they are not. My personal view is when helping others for good causes, despite outward gesture, is an inward motivation with genuineness and sincerity, it is not only something given for free, but also something that can bear the price and risk that may come along. Of course, when I am unable to help, I will definitely say I can't; there is no pretense. I have my priority and I have my limitation, and I am very clear on that. But when I can be of help, I will try to help, and I will make sure the recipients learn something in the process. How much help? That's another matter and it depends on the situation. Help may be free but it should not be blind. Cost is inevitable, but the satisfaction within and self-learning in the process are more rewarding.

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